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Saturday, 5 April 2014

New Royal Mail Lamp Post Box

New Royal Mail Lamp Post Box
New Royal Mail Lamp Post Box
Location: Manchester Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S6 6LG

If we are beginning a new blog we may as well start with something new to us. Whilst out on a post box finding mission today (more on this at a later date) we whizzed past a flash of red by the road side. Normally an EiiR lamp box wouldn't get us very excited except there was a something silver on it. A quick U-turn and we came across the above box.

As you see the shape is similar to a standard sized EiiR lamp box but instead of a moulded cypher there is what seems to be stainless steel plate with a red crown and cypher. At the top of the box 'Royal Mail' is on a metal plate that has been screwed on. No makers name is visible on the box. I had a quick feel round the back of the box and couldn't find any other markings. What's also very noticeable is that no collection plate has been added. I can only presume the box is currently in use.

I don't know if this box has replaced another box either in the same location or one that was located nearby. However, I was very surprised by its location. As you can see it is situated next to a very grotty looking KX100 telephone box. I can understand the telephone box as this road is leading out into the Peak District and mobile phone signals can still be very hit or miss. I do wonder how much mail is posted in this box as there are a couple of houses nearby but other than that nothing else. It's pretty dangerous for stopping by and no pavement for walkers. The post that the box stands on even has to put behind a wall so not to obstruct the door of the telephone box. All-in-all not a very accessible post box.

Verdict on this lamp box? Personally I don't like it. The stainless plate looks as if it has been added later to cover something up. The positioning of the crown next to the cypher is very awkward. As for 'Royal Mail' plate this looks plain shoddy with the silver screws. I wonder if there was a late decision as to what name should be put on the boxes after the recent privatisation. A big thumbs down from Art Street Life!

Does anyone have any information of this style of lamp box?

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