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Friday, 17 October 2014

Invader in Newcastle upon Tyne

Some street art can be described as crude, unsophisticated and in your face. By its nature street art divides people. Is it really art or just vandalism? Many street artists exist in order to get a message across others do it to play games or have a little bit fun. Since 1998 Invader has been travelling the world with his Invasion style of street art based on the simple 1970/1980s computer graphics of the game Space Invaders. Although each location is specially thought out many of them will be passed by each day without people giving a second glance.
Dean Street and Side, Newcastle
Invader's choice of medium is tiles which lends itself perfectly to the mosaic style of the original Space Invaders. Each tile represents a pixel. The hard-wearing nature of tiles also give longevity to each piece of artwork. His belief is that art should be accessible to everyone and not stuck in a museum away from the masses.

He plans an Invasion of a city and within a couple of days his mosaics are then spread across that location. From his early days in his native France Invader has now been to over 60 cities in around 30 countries. Some locations such as Paris, New York, Hong Kong and London have been invaded several times. After an Invasion he often publishes maps of where his art is located. If nothing else his invasions provide a great alternative city treasure hunt.
In 2007 the Invasion of Newcastle occurred. We found four on a whistle stop tour of the city. There has been some debate about whether a second invasion has since occurred as there have been several more Invader style mosaics spotted around Newcastle.
Baltic Chambers, Quayside, Newcastle. Note that it has been removed and replaced.
Like other street artists Invader's work is subjected to vandalism but more often theft. Whilst other street artists' work is harder to steal being painted on solid walls the work of Invader and its small tiles is far easier. In January 2013 the mosaic above The Outsiders gallery was stolen and then put on eBay. Within a week it was returned to its original position but not with the same care with what Invader put it there.
Bus Station, Pilgrim Street
The sites that Invader has chosen in Newcastle range from busy public places to more obscure locations. On the bus station, by a major shopping centre but also under a railway viaduct away from the hustle and bustle. The sighting outside the art gallery was due to an exhibition that took place there.

Rather excitingly for Invader fans his website is currently 'under construction' with a 'reopening in October 2014'. We await its unveiling.

Have you ever seen an Invader? Where did you spot his work?

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